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  • RJ's Journey

    While Waiting to be Found by

    RJ the kitten is used to hiding in the back alleys of Red Deer, Alberta, where he lives. One day humans capture him and take him to an animal shelter. Day after day, they bring him fresh food, and water hoping that he will come out from hiding in ...

  • Ben Is Gone Again

    In Search of a Dog by

    Ben the collie sits alone and unloved in an animal shelter in Alberta. All the beautiful dog can do is wait for the right person to come along and bring him home. One day, someone stops outside his cage and falls in love with his big brown eyes and ...

  • My Name is Quincie


    This is the real-life story of Quincie, a very special Portuguese Water Dog. Quincie lives with his human mommy and daddy, Joanne and Lawson, whom he loves very much. Quincie has a very exciting life. First he goes to puppy school, where he learns ...

  • The Day Lulu Kitty Came To Visit


    One hot summer’s day, a small tortoiseshell Manx cat appears on my doorstep. She looks hungry and frightened with no place to go. Where has she come from? Where is her home? After a meal and some kindness, it’s easy to see that the little, ...