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  • Pepe Helps an Octopus


    "Pepe Helps an Octopus"... This story is told through the eyes of children. The story takes place in Telchac Puerto in northern Yucatan off the coast of Mexico. Three young friends are telling a simple, educational, short story. The interesting ...

  • Learn About Sharks

    The Great White Shark by

    The Great White shark is the largest predatory fish in the sea. It can be found in all the major oceans around the world and is listed as “vulnerable” on the endangered species list. This means they need our help! To help save the sharks, we must ...

  • Dive Into Colours


    Climb aboard a small submarine and dive into COLOURS! You’ll be heading on a dive adventure in tropical waters to discover the amazing world of coral reefs! Look through the portholes and you will meet a rainbow of sea creatures. Enjoy the ride!