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  • The Whirl of Words

    Puzzling Past and Present by

    Why do word puzzles fascinate us? How do they help develop problem-solving skills? How do they teach us about geography, literature, sports, and popular culture? How are they an international language? Jonathan Berkowitz offers a brief history of ...

  • doodle this!

    see it draw it share it by

    What do you see? What can you turn it into? “doodle this!” is a simple, intuitive, and fun doodling activity that provides the starting point for children to unleash their creativity. Here’s how it works: see it - Each single page is printed ...

  • Dodecabus: A New Kind of Math Puzzle


    Dodecabus: A New Kind of Math Puzzle. Looking for some fun puzzles / brain exercise? Want to brush up on your basic math skills? Interested in elementary number theory? Enjoy the challenge of deceptively easy problems? Then, this new Math Puzzle ...