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  • Life, Liberty, and Happiness

    Oedipus Rex and Plato at the Crossroads by

    Greek drama is as relevant today as ever—it is high energy and archetypal. Dramatic arts motivate and engage students kinaesthetically, visually, and linguistically, and Greek drama provides a rich framework for language arts and comparative ...

  • Christmas Skits for Middle School Years

    Enrichment for Grades 5, 6 and 7 by

    There’s an atmosphere of generosity, celebration and inclusion; and no one event in a school embodies the spirit of the season more than the Christmas pageant. The eight skits in this book are meant to enrich the education experience for the ...

  • Dynamic Dialogues

    Dramatic Role-plays for the ESL Classroom by

    Thirty years of theatre experience and ten years of teaching ESL has equipped Melee Hutton with the vision and expertise to create an innovative approach to English as a Second Language instruction. Using twenty distinct and imaginative scenarios ...