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  • No One Told Me There Would Be Days Like This

    A Practical Guide to Teaching by

    You’ve been hired for your first teaching position—congratulations! Now what? University has taught you the theory of education, and you probably have some practicum experience, but what about all the things you were not taught in university? The ...

  • The Restorative Principal

    Leading in Education with Restorative Practices by

    In The Restorative Principal, teacher and principal Stephen Young explores the basic tenets of restorative practices and how he uses them to create positive school climates; build relationships between staff, students, parents and the community; ...

  • The Learning-Disabled Child Wants to Learn


    The classroom is a place where children form fundamental self-expectations, and where they also learn the standards of behavior and education that the world will expect of them. For a child struggling to learn, the classroom is an overwhelming world ...

  • Teaching Through Stories

    Jane and Jeremy Learn to Knit by

    “Unhurried education, and teaching to the heart through stories, develop a lifelong love of a continually unfolding process of learning and loving the world.” Teaching through Stories: Jane and Jeremy Learn to Knit will encourage you to take things ...

  • Ready-Set-Teach!

    101 Tips for Classroom Success by

    ANY TEACHER CAN BECOME MORE EFFECTIVE—STARTING TODAY! Author Jim Gomes provides what every teacher wants—real solutions to real problems teachers face every day. Packed with practical, proven tips and tools for teaching excellence, this easy-to-use ...