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  • My Hobby Horse & Me

    Sewing, handicrafts, DIY all about stick horses by

    Hobby horsing is a Finnish sport with gymnastic elements, where you simulate show jumping and dressage on a stick horse. But a “Hobby Horse” is anything but a dusty pony on a stick from grandma‘s attic! Because the modern Hobby Horses inspire young ...

  • Mango Kitty and Friends

    The Colouring Book by

    Mango Kitty might have had a rough start in life, being abandoned as a kitten, but now her life is happy and full. She lives in a cabin in the woods with all of her friends: Henry the twitchy mouse; Munch the legless possum; Poofie the flightless ...

  • A Handbook For Grandparents

    Over 700 Creative Things To Do And Make With Your Grandchild by

    Are you a grandparent looking to connect with your grandchild? A parent looking to help your own parents connect with your children? Are you looking for activities to do with your grandkids that are not only fun, but also educational? With over 700 ...