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  • Buy the Milk First

    ... and Other Secrets to Financial Prosperity, Regardless of Your Income by

    Do you wish you were taught personal finance in school? Are you experiencing financial hardship, stressed about money, feeling out of control or simply desire to improve your financial situation? This book is for you. Buy The Milk First is filled ...

  • Life at the Lakes

    Stories to Improve Financial Wellness by

    After two divorces (and the financial ramifications they entail) Calvin Bennett just wants to be free. As a wealth management executive, he is well equipped to steer himself back to financial stability but quickly comes to realize that he is not the ...

  • Sunsets and Granite Counter Tops


    Are you living a “checklist life”? Are you getting married, working a 9–5 job, and buying a house in the suburbs because you want to, or because that’s what we are all “supposed” to do? Carl Stars was doing just that—“winning” at the game of ...

  • Home Run

    The Reverse Mortgage Advantage by

    In this easy-to-understand book, HomeEquity Bank CEO Steven Ranson and Executive Vice President Yvonne Ziomecki discuss the ins and outs of reverse mortgages and how they can provide Canadians 55+ with a secure retirement.

  • Freedom from Household Debt

    The Simplest Path to Financial Freedom by

    DO YOU HAVE DEBT? Are you feeling stressed about it? You are not alone. In Canada, household debt is about $2.2 trillion. If you worry it’s impossible to get out of debt, help is here. Stanley Ngwa has successfully applied this 10-stage program and ...

  • Art Of Debt Management

    A Reference Guide For Your Optimum Debt Solutions by

    Many Canadians face financial crises at some time in their lives. While some debt problems require professional assistance, most are easily resolved if they’re caught early enough. The key to such resolutions is admitting you have a problem managing ...

  • Living Your Dream

    A Practical Resource to Enhance Personal Wealth Creation and Management by

    Each of us has our own personal vision of what we want to achieve and experience over the course of our life. The challenge is managing our time and resources in a manner that allows that vision to be achieved. Living Your Dream is designed to help ...

  • Money Smarts for Teens & Twenties

    Understanding why financial planning works, makes it easy! by

    Why this book? Gordon’s middle aged clients came for advice on how to get back on track. Many wished they had done things different earlier. One summed it up with “My father gave me good advice but I didn’t use it”. Why would any teenager use good ...

  • Your Digital Undertaker

    Exploring Death in the Digital Age in Canada by

    If you are an adult Canadian who uses e-mail and surfs the internet, this book is for you. In a unique and humorous way, this former military officer and tech executive shares what she’s learned about the estate industry and the taboo topic of ...

  • Kids Get Rich

    Teaching Children the Secrets to Wealth and Success by

    Financial literacy and planning are more important than ever, and much of what we need to know to be successful is never taught in school. Children often grow up without a sound understanding of their own finances, leaving them unprepared as they ...