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  • The Three-Legged Stool

    Employee Engagement = Higher Profits by

    HOW MUCH IS LOW EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT COSTING YOUR ORGANIZATION TODAY? WHAT CAN YOU DO ABOUT IT? Low employee engagement is a corporate epidemic. It lives virtually undiscovered on production floors, in office hallways, and in senior leadership ...

  • Vendor Audit - Auditing Construction Contract

    “Trust but Verify” A concise guidebook on how to execute vendor audit that add values to the company’s bottom-line by

    Today, the practice of vendor audits has become an important mainstream activity in major corporations and professional firms, complementing the traditional financial and internal audit functions, and generating significant benefits and revenues for ...

  • Be There.

    With 7 Skills Critical for Working (and Living) in the Digital Age by

    Skillpod is an executive skills coaching program that helps you build, demonstrate and articulate seven skills critical for working and living in the digital age. In order to be competitive and thrive in our emerging economy, we need to be better ...

  • The Illiterate Executive

    An Executive’s Handbook for Mastering Financial Acumen by

    It is essential that every business executive be conversant in the principles of finance. This is a handbook for developing your financial acumen to give you a stronger voice inside the executive boardroom. From accounting to finance, from risk ...