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  • Buharism

    Nigeria's Death Knell by

    This book poses the question: When does a President lose the moral authority to lead? • Is it when he steals an election and usurps the presidential mandate the people had given his primary challenger? • Is it when he orchestrates ...

  • When Three Roads Collide

    A Memoir of God's Grace by

    No matter how difficult the situations you have faced or are facing, you can still overcome them. The things we go through are only shaping us to be able to receive the greater things that God has in store for us later in life. These situations ...

  • Forgiven

    A Journey Through Love, Pain, and Self-Discovery by

    Forgiven relates the trials and troubles that have brought author Najah Williams to where she is today: a woman right with God; a survivor of abuse—committed by others and permitted, time and again, by herself; a fulfilled mother and a published ...

  • No Such Thing as Normal


    “Some of us never fit in… some of us were never meant to...” Life is miserable when you don’t know who you are. Nicole Robertson might appear to have everything: a loving family, a solid education, scholarships to prestigious schools and a bright ...