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Stories for Movies
by Vincent Peter Hamilton

The book Stories for Movies is just that. Stories for movies. All short and great stories for Movies. Have many celebrities waiting to make them. I have a proud library of stories. Have all genres written. Over three hundred celebrities I have met in Ottawa to wanting to make them. You name it. I got it! As evident in the hundreds of celebrities that have signed my book in liking them. If you like movies you will love my book. I have people write to me from all over the world loving them. Thank you Stephen King for being the first I showed my stories to. And the very first in liking them. Vincent 'Peter Hamilton

This is my second published book. Have at least four more books also done not yet published. I was best all around athlete in the world. Hockey and soccer the best by far. I know many athletes like me. That were the very best at and didn't get to show you. I was best gravure printer in the world. I worked in Canadian Parliament and for the Prime Minister of Canada as head installer. I like the company of women best. I love the mind of women. And of coarse everything else about them. I am not a simple guy. I am loved by too many. I will find where I belong soon enough. My stories are the best of all time. I have over two hundred celebrities endorsing me. That does not just happen. Vincent Peter Hamilton


Vincent Peter Hamilton

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