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Poetry collection, Poetry about life, Inspiring poetry, Insightful poetry, Life and loss, Aging, Personal poetry

Of This And That
a very human experience
by Karen Sandford-Albarda

Karen has always been a creative person. Now, so late in life, the artist and designer have become a part of the past. Today, her creativity is mainly focused on thoughts and words. The wisdom that comes with age. To her, poetry seems to be the most creative and the least restrictive use of words. It is her hope that her insight or perspective on familiar events might occasionally resonate with the reader.

It was at Wellspring, the wonderful cancer support center, that she discovered she could write through "Writing for the Health of It " and when she did, sometimes people listened. She is most thankful.

Karen Sandford-Albarda is a mother, a grandmother, a wife, a friend, an environmentalist, an avid reader and a great lover of classical music. She once studied fine art at the Ontario College of Art and design at Sheridan College, but has now retired. She lives with her husband and beloved Sheltie, and spends a lot of time enjoying the outdoors as well as writing about her thoughts on life. She is a two-time cancer survivor.

The graphic version of the Zen Stones on the cover, to her, represents life. One part building on the other. At the top, the pieces have become smaller. Life experiences become somewhat smaller as well, as life becomes more restricted physically. However, the larger stones, or the past experiences are the ones on which we built our life and our wisdom.


Karen Sandford-Albarda

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