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Mental Health, Addiction, Quit Smoking, Present Moment Awareness, Mindfulness, Spiritual Awakening, Social Psychology

We Know What We Know
Transcending the Psychological Trap We're Caught In
by Cara Scott

The psychological trap is the mental health pandemic we have been struggling with since the birth of humanity. The psychological trap explains why we have evolved into creatures of habit, and why addiction has woven its way into the fabric of our societies. In this book, Cara Scott uses smoking addiction as an analogy, with some of her own personal anecdotes about smoking, to explain how the psychological trap works. We Know What We Know introduces you to the conditioned mind pattern and shows you how it controls your behaviour when you are sleepwalking. More importantly, Cara explains, as simply as it has ever been explained, present moment awareness and its ability to transcend the psychological trap. This book is a wake-up call. It has taken billions of years of evolution to get to this point; now it is time to transcend the psychological trap and evolve as a species.

Cara Scott holds a PhD in social psychology, which is the study of how our social interactions define our reality. During her years of graduate study, Cara studied women in prison and worked in an addiction lab examining how our social environments affect our mental health, particularly as it relates to addiction. Cara also worked for the National Research Council of Canada, assisting in research that examined the effects of our physical and work environments on various psychological outcomes. Presently, Cara is at home raising her children and learning all about potty training, sleep training, curbing tantrums, and being more creative with playdough! When she manages to free up some time, Cara is busy researching and writing her book series: We Know What We Know. Cara’s years observing people’s social habits, her own experience with smoking, and the transformational spiritual journey she endured have all contributed to the inspiration for and the insight within the present book.


Cara Scott

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