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ants, cocoa plantation, child slavery, good versus evil, chocolate, fair treatment, chocolate business

Ocellus & Chitkin
by Michael E. Jones

Ocellus & ChitkinĀ© are the stories about two ants who are trying to escape from a cacao plantation where they are slaves. The stories mirror real children, today. The ants' daring and unexpected attempts to get home and find freedom are exciting and suspenceful for children and readers. The stark reality that most chocolate is produced using child-slavery is softened for listeners between six and 10 years old; older readers will hear the message that Ocellus and Chitkin are telling. Humour and gripping tales from Grama Feebly help to explain the life of ants, and the story of chocolate and cacao, the most important ingredient in chocolate. Each story is brief, part of the developing tale.

The author has been a chocolate-lover for decades, but found out about child-slavery only a few years ago. Realizing that most people are equally unaware of this horrifying fact, he decided to try let people know the facts and that there are solutions. He created so that people can choose to get all of the facts or just what they want to understand. The very large companies and many smaller ones are fully aware that cacao beans are harvested by children in slavery, working in horrible conditions, with no chance to escape. The Ocellus & ChitkinĀ© stories have been designed to help chocolate buyers learn that the only way to end child-slavery in the production of chocolate is for each person to buy only slave-free chocolate.


Michael E. Jones
Arden Lee

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