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The Frecklefit Mindset
Letting Growth and Self Worth Lead the way to Endless Possibilities
by Celine Leclair

Written with women in mind but applicable to a wide variety of readers, The Frecklefit Mindset is an empowering book about being your best self and experiencing an abundant life full of health, happiness, and purpose. Celine Leclair digs deep into her own experiences and shares what she has learned about being authentic and pursuing her passions. Readers will discover that by consistently practising important mental skills, they can rewire their thinking and find joy in all things.

Embark on a journey where you will discover self-love, potential, and new life skills while utilizing everyday tools that will elevate your life. Celine Leclair will inspire you to do anything you set your mind to!

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Celine Leclair has gone through years of self-transformation. As a registered nurse and a certified personal trainer, she has built a large knowledge base on how to be a physically and mentally healthy human being. She practises what she preaches and has conducted a wide range of research on health promotion and disease prevention, focusing extensively on stress reduction.

She grew up in Snow Lake and Flin Flon, Manitoba, Canada, and just recently moved to the Blue Mountains in Southern Ontario with her boyfriend and two dogs.


Celine Leclair

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