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The World's Largest Perpetually Full BirdFeeder/Beehive cover

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The World's Largest Perpetually Full BirdFeeder/Beehive
A Collection Of Poems
by David Armstrong

Life is inspiring, from the beauty and grandeur of nature to the vagaries of everyday life. This collection of poetry captures the moments that make us pause and reflect, putting into words those things that move us, whether to laughter or tears. With charm, humour, and an insight that comes only from a life well-lived, this collection speaks to this journey we all take together, told through thoughtful and well-crafted verses, and it encourages us to stop and take note of the landmarks along the way.

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David Armstrong wrote his first poem as a teenager, for personal satisfaction, but like so many young writers, he ended up putting his writing on the back burner until much later in life. Having recently retired from Ontario Hydro after forty-four years, he has been enjoying the opportunity to revisit past interests, like writing poetry, motorbiking, wildlife, fostering dogs, and taking care of the world’s largest perpetually full bird feeder/bees nest, which is in his own backyard.

David’s wife passed away in 2003 after a long battle with cancer, but he enjoys spending time with his two children and five grandchildren, and looks forward to meeting his first great-grandchild, who is on the way. David lives in Scarborough, Ontario with his foster dogs.


David Armstrong

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