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Immigration to Canada, Mine worker, Growing family, Earliest memories, World War Two, Scotland, Cycling

The Reward
A Unique Memoir of a Scottish Immigrant to British Columbia by David McLean

Dave McLean’s life has been one of trials, triumphs, and uncommon adventures. Beginning in the interwar years in Glasgow, Scotland, we learn first of his family’s history in World War I, then his own experience as a boy during World War II—with air raids on Glasgow, Anderson shelters and the impact of shortages. Following the war, as an athletic youth, he pursued his passion for cycling and finished his education becoming a journeyman Carpenter. He did his national service in the Scots Guards from 1953 to 1955.

In 1957 he immigrated with his wife Betty to British Columbia. As their family grew, so did his adventures, which took him across British Columbia and the Yukon. His career in Canada started with house construction and went on to include 22 years in mining. After 15 years in municipal public works, Dave wrapped up his career with several years as an independent safety consultant.

The themes of marriage and family run throughout the book.

Written with the help of his friend and neighbor, Larry Flagg, this memoir captures the ups and downs of life as the author looks back over his eighty-six years. His memories are punctuated with family photos that bring the stories to life and pull us into his world. Through adversity and reward, we learn that the hard work and strife is all worth it in the end.

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Dave McLean is a father, grandfather, great-grandfather and widower. He lives in Abbotsford, British Columbia, with his family nearby. The Reward is his first book.


David McLean
Larry Flagg

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