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friendship, ice age, prehistoric, animals, loyalty, family, imagination

Adventures in the High Meadow
With Tiac, Eo, and Wooly
by Allan Turner

“Adventures in the High Meadow” tells stories of three friends (a girl, a horse, and a wooly mammoth) as they meet animals and situations present 10,000 years ago. The traits of the animals they meet are demonstrated. In many cases, the three help the animals they meet. There are scary situations, which always turn out OK. There are many tricks played. Throughout, the three have a lot of fun and no one gets hurt. There are surprises in every story and each story ends with a laugh. In the final story, each animal tells what they think the future of their kind will be.

The idea for this book first started many years ago as a “Story-go-Round”. That is my grandkids description of the times we would sit around and create a story. One person starts the story and stops in mid-sentence. The next person finishes that sentence and takes it to where they stop in min-sentence. The fun part is you never know where the other people will take the story. When it gets back around to you, you have to both continue the story as it is, and tell it until stopping in mid-sentence. The results can be really funny, or exciting, or scary. You never know how the story is going to end until it is ended. There is a lot of laughter along the way. Many, really creative stories result. And, along the way, quick thinking and verbal expression are enhanced.

The author hopes that you have as much fun reading this book as he had writing it.

Allan Turner has written several non-fiction books. He has also written many short stories, including many with and for his grandchildren. “Adventures in the High Meadow” is his first children’s book.

Mr. Turner lives in Colorado where he hikes in the mountains as much as he can. His love of the mountains along with the many animals there started him thinking about “Adventures in the High Meadow”. His love of history made the end of the last age the perfect setting

It is hoped that readers of this book will gain some appreciation of the vast numbers and kinds of animals present after the last ice age; and the difficulties they faced to survive.


Lissa Calvert began painting and drawing wildlife at an early age, and by seventeen, she was illustrating books. Today, her work hangs in museums galleries and private homes all over the world. She has illustrated many books for both adults and children and has worked as an art director for film and television.

Lissa's fascination with nature draws her to portray its complexity and harmony from first hand experience. Lissa believes, "You must observe animals, how they move, their anatomy, the architecture of the fur, feathers or scales, and their personalities in order to capture the essence of their beings.


Allan Turner
Lissa Calvert

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