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Picture book, Animals, Trains, Child massage, Bedtime story, Health and wellness, Story massage book

Mucky, Plucky Peas
A Story Massage Book to Read Aloud Before Bedtime
by Sviatlana Heimal

Follow the adventures of a little green pea as it survives chickens and snakes and elephants too on a long, difficult journey to its final destination. Mucky, Plucky Peas shows you how to make the story come alive on your child’s back through an interactive form of massage known as story massage.

Combining back massage with an engaging story, imaginative pictures and how-to illustrations, Mucky, Plucky Peas helps prepare children for bedtime with soothing massage techniques. This playful massage story will help strengthen the child–caregiver bond and encourage your child to relax and transition into sleep.

When Sviatlana Heimal was five years old and living on Sakhalin Island in Russia, she was sick and often spent time in hospital where her parents could only visit. The children in the hospital would help keep loneliness at bay by telling each other a story illustrated on the back through back massage. Sviatlana taught the story to her youngest sister, and they carried on telling stories with back massage throughout their childhood. When Sviatlana became a mom, she continued story massage with her own sons.

The author wishes to pass on this family legacy to the next generation and share it with other families.


Sviatlana Heimal

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