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  • 48 pages
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Target Audience:
  • Young Children (7-11 yrs old)

Magic, Imagination, Electronics addiction, Monsters, Dragons, Siblings, Babysitter

Creatures of Imagination
by Kirsten Brass

It’s a grey and rainy afternoon when Margaret begins her first babysitting job. But she’s stumped when none of the children are interested in her imagination games. All they want to do is play on their screens. That is, until a storm hits, and the power goes out. Stuck in the dark with nothing to do, the children finally agree to play Margaret’s games. Then something unexpected happens. Everything they imagine comes to life.

Margaret and the children are transported into a fantastical world of their own creation. Together, they journey through strange lands and meet bizarre creatures. But when the children’s imaginations take a dark turn, it’s up to Margaret to get them home.

About the Author:

Kirsten Brass is an author and filmmaker living in Toronto, Ontario. Her stories explore the wonders of childhood and the power of imagination. Creatures of Imagination is her first children’s illustrated book. She hopes to show children and adults that growing up doesn’t have to mean leaving fantasy behind.

About the Illustrator:

Benjamin Fieschi-Rose is a visual artist and filmmaker from Vancouver, British Columbia. Ben spent his childhood exploring the ecosystems of the Pacific Northwest in search of bugs, snakes and fish. These small creatures are what fascinated him the most. His passion for the natural world finds its way into much of his artwork. He lives in Toronto, Ontario.


Kirsten Brass
Benjamin Fieschi-Rose
Derek Fu

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