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Divorce, Heartbreak, Poetry, Blank verse, Grief, Loneliness, Adjustments

Out Of The Storm
On My Own
by Deborah Russell

On My Own is a collection of personal poems that explore the experience of shifting into a solitary life—and not by choice. After the devastating end of her thirty-four-year marriage, author Deborah Russell worked to adjust to a new chapter on her own. A subsequent romance and subsequent ending drove the lesson home. She wrote this collection over the course of her evolution into a new version of herself, living for the first time according to her own terms. The poems are filled with melancholy but also with hope.

Over time, Deborah has learned that she gets stronger every day. And of the value of never giving up. Her poetry carries an underlying message about the value of helping one another, and how that has the power to lift a person out of darkness.

Deborah Russell feels strongly that love and loss are what connects us all. Acknowledging this connection is critical, she says, and it’s what she tries to do with her poems—let people know they’re not alone. The unexpected breakdown of her long-term marriage sent her into a tailspin of rejection and heartache. But the poetry provided an outlet that helped her to process the sadness and deliver her to a place of intense satisfaction with her solitary life.

Deborah lives with her two chocolate-colored miniature schnauzers in Prescott Valley, AZ. This is her second book of poetry. She published My Shattered Pieces in 2018.


Deborah Russell

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