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Memoir, Cults, Unconventional childhoods, Abuse, Exotic dancing, Organized crime, Abuse survivors

The Great Escape
by Sage Fields

The Great Escape is a book for Worldwide Adult Readers. Having lived all over the world readers are welcome from all over the globe. As a reader you must keep an open mind and understand your not reading a bedtime story. As you read through you will get a clear understanding of how it takes

Faith, Courage, and a lot of Fight to live and get through different situations. Everyone has difficulty and comes across situations you may not have signed up for.

Always Remembering Gods Love and Mercy is unfailing, unchanging, and unending no matter how long, dark, or difficult it may seem.

Sharing my story through words opens minds to things not normally described or talked about, at the same time opening doors for other woman to come forth.

If you are interested in reading about things that are not televised or spoke upon this is the book for you! Supporting woman who have the courage and heart to come forth is something everyone should support and stand for.

Not that I have yet attained or am already perfected, I press on reaching forward to those things which are ahead. Phi 3:12-13

In my life I found that happiness, and fulfillment the love I gave and received, the lives better because of me are the good things, getting through the hardships, difficulties and disappointments, trials and tears these are the things in life that give the good things its rich, warm glow. My hope is in God I rest secure in knowledge that God will hold me steady in the storms of life. Even so on occasions of disapoinment when all seems lost I keep faith in God; in time Good Things will come again.


Sage Fields
Cassandra Harte
Eleanor Alberts

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