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Disability, Cerebral palsy, Growing up disabled, Japanese internment, Japanese Canadians, Family care, British Columbia

I, Atsu
by Atsushi Uyeda and Teruko Uyeda

I was born in 1931 with cerebral palsy. At that time people with my condition did not live for long, or were institutionalized. Thanks to the loving kindness of my parents and family I have lived a long time. This book is a tribute to all parents who truly care for their disabled children. I wish you all the best.

Atsushi Uyeda.

Atsushi Uyeda and Teruko Uyeda photo

Atsushi (Atsu) Uyeda was born in 1931 in New Westminster, British Columbia, a suburb of Vancouver. His parents were from Japan. Due to a difficult birth, he was afflicted with cerebral palsy. He had no use of his legs or his left arm, and only partial use of his right arm. In addition, he was unable to speak. In 1942 after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour, the entire Japanese-Canadian community in British Columbia was moved eastwards to the interior of the country, and Atsushi and his family were severely challenged. Atsushi had two sisters and an older brother, Masayuki. Masayuki (Masa) also had a difficult birth which caused him some brain damage. Atsushi has lived to over 88 years old, and this book is a tribute to those people who have helped him with loving kindness over many years.

Teruko (Terrie) Uyeda was Atsushi's older sister, born at the Royal Columbian Hospital in New Westminster, in 1929. She was a sickly child, including asthma., and her mother used a traditional Japanese medical book to treat all of her children. They all survived to old age, showing how her mother's dedication has been rewarded. Teruko, her parents and her sister, were challenged to help in looking after the two handicapped boys. Teruko helped Atsushi with the outline to this book and in writing the most important highlights of their family's life.

Roger Pratt, a Civil Engineer, was born in north London, England, on April 14, 1942. He had a relationship with Teruko that lasted almost 50 years. He encouraged the production of the book, assisted with the editing, and helped in searching for photographs. He worked for the British Columbia Ministry of Highways for 35 years, and currently lived in Nelson, British Columbia.


Atsushi Uyeda
Teruko Uyeda

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