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Poetry, Surviving, Grieving, Personal poetry, Trauma, Heartbreak, Comfort of poetry

All of Me
by Amelia Musselman

All of Me is an emotion-packed collection of short poems whose focus is heavy and human. Here are thoughtful, stirring pieces on subjects as universal and challenging as self-image, personal courage, and loneliness.

These poems—a representation of the author’s personal story—are divided into three sections: Surviving, Grieving, and Walking. Surviving looks at life’s traumas and how we eventually surface from them. Grieving explores what has been lost and the very human act of trying to rebuild after trauma. The poems in Walking hone in on learning to live differently and taking your first important steps after a period of devastated stasis.

There is much in this poignant collection for anyone who’s struggled similarly with the challenge of being human and running up against loss, pain, and blows to self-esteem. The last section—a story of redemption and transforming anguish into art—encourages readers to recast their pain as a catalyst for change and the creation of beautiful things.

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Amelia Musselman has written All of Me as a literary representation of her journey through life’s travails. She shares the story of her transition from a state of profound sadness to a place of hopefulness and empathy in the hopes that it will help others in similar states. With this book, she looks to offer comfort to people facing their own battles of self-worth, loneliness, and desperation with the knowledge that they are not alone.

Ideally, her poems will remind readers of their worth and reassure them that their pain is valid and that it’s OK to fall apart. Amelia hopes that seeing their experiences reflected in her words will grant readers relief and even a sense of empowerment.

A university graduate, Amelia currently lives in the city of St. Albert, Alberta.


Amelia Musselman
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