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Children with sadness, Overcoming sadness, Children’s grief, Children’s loss, Children’s mental health, Children’s poetry, Informal counselling

Chin Up
by Naomi Firestone

For sadness is normal, it comes and it goes. Just like the ocean, it ebbs and it flows.

Some days, you can’t stop from crying. Maybe you even want to disappear. We often feel embarrassed when someone notices us feeling sad. We might even put on a fake smile to hide the way we really feel. But did you know that everyone feels sad sometimes?

Sadness is a very special emotion. It helps us to listen to our hearts. It helps us to understand what is happening in our lives. And it helps us to connect with others in a kind and truthful way. It can be hard to talk about our sadness, but with practice, you will feel stronger, and you will even be able to help other people when they are feeling sad.

In this heartfelt book, Naomi Firestone reaches out to children, encouraging them to connect with their experience of sadness. Too often, sadness is pushed aside as a “bad” or “shameful” emotion, overlooking its natural potential to heal our hearts and connect us with others. With its encouraging rhymes and endearing illustrations, “Chin Up” provides children with lyrical and visual lessons to add to their toolbox so they will know what to do when sadness arises. They will feel reassured in the validity of their feelings, and they will be better prepared for navigating the up and downs of life, allowing sadness—among other emotions—to come and go.

Naomi Firestone was born in England in 1973, grew up on the continent of Africa. She completed her education in South Africa. At the age of nineteen, she participated in a two-year journey on a sailing vessel with a group of friends. Her sense of adventure continues to this day, as she lives on the high seas for six months of the year, and makes California her home for the rest. In addition to sailing, her interests include psychology, child development, and, of course, writing. “Chin Up” is her first publication, inspired by her experiences working with children, as well as her special concern with the rights of children to speak their minds and develop as unique individuals. When she’s not sailing, she resides in Santa Barbara with her family and friends.


Naomi Firestone
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