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Relationships, Christian, Infidelity, Cheating, Manipulation, Lying, Survival

I'm Still Standing
Saved by God's Amazing Grace: From Brokenness to Wholeness
by Lorna Spencer

Lorne Gregory was on top of the world the day she married Jamie Jones. But within weeks of their marriage, it became painfully obvious that something was wrong. Believing deeply in her vow to love and support him for better or worse, Lorne pulls out all the stops as she attempts to save her marriage. When she discovers the true extent of Jamie’s double life, Lorne must make a choice: herself or a man who doesn’t deserve her.

With God’s help, Lorne finds the courage and strength to persevere. Despite the heartbreak, disappointment, brokenness, and betrayal, she navigates her way to joy and peace. As she searches for hope and redemption, Lorne learns the true power of prayer … and of God’s saving grace.

I’m Still Standing is an intimate journey through Lorne Gregory’s life, a poignant story of how God guides her from a place of brokenness to one of restoration.

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Lorna Spencer has spent most of her life writing journals and poetry. Her life experiences and the knowledge she’s gained from studying God’s word have given her the insight to reflect on her life, which she believes can provide hope and light to those who are feeling lost and hopeless.

Lorna grew up in Toronto and currently resides with her two young-adult daughters in Whitby, ON, just forty-five minutes away. Her goal is to be her daughters’ biggest role model and to be the best mother she can be, a mother of whom they can be proud.

She works in early childhood education, educating and nurturing children. She is most fulfilled by knowing she makes a lasting positive impact on the lives of the children who are our future.

Lorna’s hobbies include singing, traveling, attending church every week, reading, and writing her thoughts in her nightly journal. She is passionate about the things and people she loves, and her greatest aspiration in life is to strive to be Christ-like.


Lorna Spencer
Dr. Fitzroy Maitland
Angus Batson and Tana Hopwood

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