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Fiction, Early Reader, Pre-Reader, Picture book, Bears, Humour, Play

No One Owns A Grizz
by Arlene Evelyn Melanson

Ryerson is a little boy with a very special friend named Grizz. Grizz is a grizzly bear, but he’s not just any grizzly bear. He can ride a bicycle and loves to wear a cap. He jogs and even chases Ryerson’s cat too. Grizz lives right in Ryerson’s house and sleeps in his bedroom! But with winter coming, Ryerson has to say goodbye to Grizz until spring.

No One Owns a Grizz is about sharing personal treasures and saying goodbye when you don’t want to. With colourful illustrations, it’s a heartwarming bedtime story and a great picture book for pre- and early readers.

Arlene Evelyn Melanson lives on a hobby farm with her husband, three dogs, two cats, two horses, and rabbit in Palmyra, Ontario. This is the second book from the No One Owns series. Her first book, No One Owns a Tree also contained different messages for young children and was written for grandson Ryder. No One Owns a Grizz came to be after seeing her grandson Ryerson’s bed filled with stuffed animals – many of which were bears.

“I believe books should be funny, and this book is extra special. It’s a really easy book to read, and I can’t wait for one of my grandchildren or future great-grandchildren to read it to me.”

— Arlene Melanson


Arlene Evelyn Melanson
Hilary Lucio

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