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faith, love, mental illness, anxiety, depression, suicide, stigmas

The Stigma of Mental Illness
Been There... Maybe, I Could Help? by David Deslauriers and Kyle Deslauriers

Written by a man with first-hand knowledge of the ravages of mental illness, The Stigma of Mental Illness provides a hard-hitting, realistic, and at time humourous look at a variety of conditions and disorders and their impact on sufferers and their families. At the core of the work, however, stands a message of hope and faith, encapsulated in the words and poetry of the author and the experiences of his fellow sufferers. His story of faith, grounded in the love of Jesus Christ, sustains him. The poignancy of the author’s words is enhanced when the reader realizes that, after penning this book, Mr. Deslauriers went to be with his saviour, eternally free of the illness that plagued him for so many years. A transparent, honest, and powerful account of the struggles faced by millions every day, The Stigma of Mental Illness will touch the hearts of sufferers and caregivers alike.

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David Deslauriers (November 10, 1955–July 31, 2017) was the husband Sylvie, father of Kyle, Shawn, and Sheena, and brother to Marie-Anne and Rosemary. He spent over thirty-five years working for the federal government in the area of human resources and official languages in the Department of National Defence in Ottawa. His passions in life were his family, reading, writing, travelling, astronomy, collecting rocks and minerals, and praying.

A deeply spiritual man, David found great strength in his faith as he battled mental illness and depression. His relationship with God gave him the energy and willpower to complete this project as well as his first book, Heaven and Hell: A Right Relationship with Our Heavenly Father, published in 2016. His sense of humour and strong convictions saw him through many dark times, and his legacy will live on for generations.


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