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Target Audience:
  • Early Childhood (under 7 yrs old)

Clean your room, Take pride in yourself, You matter, Keeping things clean, The pancake kids, Small habits matter, Starting each day fresh

Ted's Messy Bed
by Carmella Shivers and Ellen C. Shivers

Ted is a kid who admires his uncle who is in the military. When his uncle comes to visit, Ted gets a lesson about the importance of cleaning up after himself. The subject matter is very simple and explains that he should clean up after himself. However, the underlying theme of taking pride in oneself is even more valuable. Subtle rhymes woven throughout the narrative help to develop a poetic feel that grasps a readers attention and holds on. Finishing with puzzles and games bring a continued value for the parent who wants to keep their little one occupied and excited about reading.

Carmella A. Shivers, who currently lives in Virginia with her family is a communications officer in the united States Marine Corps., a wife, and mother. In her personal life, she volunteers, mentors those in need, enjoys an active lifestyle and authors children's books with her mother. Carmella has a Bachelor' of Science in Business from the University of Phoenix, a travel background to 12 countries and experience working with multiple government departments and agencies.

To the person who purchased this book for a child, she sends a special thank you for reading to your little people.

Ellen C. Shivers is a former Healthcare Director, who had spent a great deal of her spare time working on community and character development programs. Her objective is to assist in providing space in literature that gives readers the opportunity to experience a child's perspective.

Also, letting children know it's okay to have a voice and take the initiative to work out their daily challenges amongst themselves as they learn life lessons.


Carmella Shivers
Ellen C. Shivers
Avi Jit

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