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Christian romance, Mystery, Intrigue, Murder mystery, Romance, Mystery romance, Crimesolving

She, Who Kissed His Feet
by Sofia Adams

Sofia Adams opens her second book of the Legs Trilogy with Suzy and Robby embarking on a therapeutic vacation to the Island of Nevis.

In She, Who Kissed His Feet, the relaxing retreat quickly becomes a nightmare when Suzy is whisked back to Michigan to stand trial for the murder of her deceased husband, Sam.

Upon arrival, Suzy gets an unpleasant surprise from the ladies in the overcrowded jail cell. It is here where Suzy meets her deceased stepson’s pregnant girlfriend, CiCi Karter, who has vengeful plans of her own.

While Suzy’s relationship with Robby hangs in the balance because of his same sex attraction, she desperately seeks self-acceptance and inner peace in a world that’s been torn apart by lies.

And so, with the help of those closest to her heart, Suzy diligently aspires to unravel the mysteries of her life, which are interwoven by deception, blackmail, murder and paternity.

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Ever since I was in elementary school I enjoyed writing short stories and plays. It was always a dream of mine to become an author. In my teenage years I thought it would be amazing to write for soap operas. When I became an elementary teacher, my greatest love was to teach children the art of writing. No surprise, it was the children who gave me the courage to put my dream to a test.

I never thought I could write a novel, but here I am with my second novel in the trilogy. Never say never. Enjoy the written soap opera of the Legs Trilogy.


Sofia Adams

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