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Memoir, California, 1960's, Drug culture, Mexico, Personal adventure, Autobiography

Red Fred's Dead
An autobiography of a Kid from San Diego
by Angelo La Jolla

This is a highly entertaining, fast -moving, vibrant account of the life of a man who didn't always take the obvious pathways, but always made the most of the pathways he found himself along. This book offers a great deal of colorful detail about the boy's earliest days as a hardscrabble kid growing up in a big California family, through his high-spirited youth and all through his adult years, including great swaths of thrill-seeking time spent in South and Central America. We meet a great many characters from his life and are privy to the various escapades in which the lot of them engage.

I have had an exciting life and wanted to share my adventures with others who want to take a fun ride along with me down my long and winding road.

Angelo La Jolla photo

Angelo La Jolla is my pen name. You will find out why I chose it within. I have always wanted adventure and did travel solo in most of the trips that I took. Dennis is my first name and the last name is omitted. In my retirement and for most of my life, I am referred to as "The Tour Director." A benefit of living my life has made me pretty good at helping people to plan trips.

Speaking of a trip, writing this book has been a big one.


Angelo La Jolla

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