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Important lessons, Gnomes and elves, Castles, Underworld, Coming of age, Magical journey, Adventure

The Secret Passage
by M. G. Gaius Thompson

The Secret Passage is a book for adults, adolescents, and children. It can be enjoyed by parents who like to read to their children in the evening or by the fire. It is an adventure story but it is also a journey in life. The author, a father, grandfather, and great grandfather wrote this story to tell to his own grandchildren. In it he describes a harrowing adventure through the under-world made by three girls and two young boys.

The people, animals, birds, fairies, elves, and other creatures of this other world each have lessons to teach them. The lessons are learned during some dangerous and life threatening encounters. The lessons about survival, conquering their doubts and fears, and understanding and distinguishing good from bad, are lessons that those who complete this perilous venture can apply to the modern world from which they come. From the moment they crawl through a hidden stone passageway in the castle dungeon to the world below these young people are faced with one treacherous experience after another.

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The author is a grandfather who derives great joy from his family. His favourite place to be is at the family cottage on Stony Lake canoeing, sailing, and swimming with the children.


M. G. Gaius Thompson
Laura Thompson
George Scholfield Thompson

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