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Adventure, Mystery, Romance, Scotland, Plane Crash, Avalanche, Secrets

The Ladies of Avanloch
A Vienna LaFontaine Novel
by Juliana Andrew

Vienna's alter ego, Katarina. has come back to haunt her. She brings with her suspicions of her husband's fidelity. Rainey's impatience with Vienna is justified as he struggles with thoughts that she is secretly wishing to be back with Anton DeMarco; the man who kept her from him for two years. His incessant love for her perseveres, and a secret that she has been subconsciously harboring for twenty years regarding the castle and her emotional state surfaces. A journal from this discovery contains information regarding Avanlochs' bloodline. Rosalyn, Vienna's adopted daughter is determined to verify this account. She and her fiancé Evan, travel to the jungles of Brazil in search of the man she believes can verify it. Just days before Christmas, word reaches Rainey and Vienna that the plane carrying their eldest daughter Ava, did not reach its' destination. It is believed to have crashed somewhere in the wilderness of northern Canada. Avanloch Castle is plunged into darkness once again as the latest tragedy unfolds. Vienna and Rainey cling to a thin thread of hope praying that Ava is not lost to them forever.

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I live with my husband on a secluded acreage in Grand Forks, British Columbia. We share our land which borders on the Granby River with all the wildlife that comes calling. After our two children left home I worked as a Long Term Care Aide at our local hospital. I had a life long dream that someday I would write a book. Four years ago I embarked on that journey, and in 2013, my first novel "Vienna" was published. "The Ladies of Avanloch" is my fourth novel. When I am not writing I can be found spending time with my family, painting, gardening or camping.


Juliana Andrew

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