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Relationships, Love and war, Akashic records, Love triangle, Reincarnation, Angels and spirit guides, Life after death

The Archway, Stories From The Akashic Records
by Anne J. Milne

Take an incredible journey into the afterlife.

The Archway offers an interlude before each reincarnation, where soul’s plan their life. Obelia, a prostitute in 514 Rome, never finds love until she meets Kristos in Corsica. Galen, a wealthy Dominus, wants Obelia in each lifetime claiming they are meant to be together. But she knows something is missing from her life. As she prepares to be reborn as Sadie Hughes in 1941 Winnipeg she leaves Galen behind for the very first time in centuries. Kristos takes his only opportunity to get his wife back as he plunges to earth in a most unconventional way. He never forgave Galen for stealing his wife from him. When Sadie is twenty-five an ethereal presence saves her from being raped at work by Davy Munro, a co-worker. During the worst blizzard in the history of Winnipeg in 1966, an intoxicated Davy tries yet again to complete what he started a few weeks before. On the Archway, a powerful being is waiting to claim her for himself. Will Kristos or Galen be able to save her? Will Sadie save herself? Did she really plan this horror for herself? What will it teach her? Welcome to Sadie’s Story and find out for yourself.

Anne J. Milne lives in Winnipeg and this is her first novel.


Anne J. Milne

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