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Buddhist Practice, Recollecting Past Lives or Past Life Recollection, Spiritual Journey, Bi-Polar Spectrum disorder, Overcoming Anxiety, Alternative medicine, Self-Acceptance

Calming Dr. Twitch-A-Lot
From Heroic Fantasy to Human Reality - An Approximate Autobiography by Evelyn Wolff

This story of deep wounding and subsequent healing bridges lifetimes. Evelyn is born into a long line of Dutch Barons, who through their greed to keep their land, marry their cousins, rarifying the genetics to produce genius and madness. Evelyn is gifted with both an excess of grey matter and a very sensitive physiology and nervous system. The uprooting of her family through immigration to Canada, and the subsequent poverty, and loss further take their toll, though the family meets hardship with courage and creativity. The strain of failing health, learning problems, and gender complexities culminate in a near death experience. Surprisingly after nearly dying, Evelyn begins to recuperate. Finishing high school, she proceeds directly into Pre-Meds and after mostly single-parenting a baby through Medical school, she graduates. Following her heart to be with a woman, results in the loss of her son. This heartbreak is multiplied after she begins to work as a physician, and realizes that the woman she loves does not want to live. Evelyn invites you to follow her through a painful transformation, causing a spiritual opening that births the artist in her. This opening also leads her to remember past lives, that allow her to see the workings of cause and effect, while encouraging her to move forward revitalized into a whole new life.

“Full of the riotous humour born of no-nonsense self-reflection

tempered with the compassion of “old age”!

A wonderful, touching, sensitive laugh out loud read.” B. Glenn-Copeland

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Evelyn Wolff summers in Belleville Ontario, in her studio, and showing her glassworks at Gallery 121, the Quinte Arts Council, and in Kingston at Cornerstone Canadian Fine Art. For rest and reverie, she goes to a cottage in the north country, swimming with the resident loons or walking the woods with her dog Trixie, and the wild turkeys. She winters in sunny Mazatlan, Mexico in the company of writers, artists, and other good friends. This year she celebrates 40 years of Buddhist practice in SGI, chanting Nam Myo Ho Renge Kyo, to inspire and energize her life and work. The memoir, Calming Dr. Twitch-a-lot Vol 1, follows her first book “Moments of Wonder,” featuring her exquisite stained glass, with poignant stories of how each was inspired. Vol. 2 of Dr. Twitch-a-lot’s journey will follow soon.

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Evelyn Wolff
Jessica Reaske
Bill Dahl

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