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Academic Success Formula
How Ordinary Students Get Extraordinary Results
by Tutor Doctor

If your child is struggling in school, and you can’t find a solution, this may be the book for you.

Tutor Doctor’s unique approach to learning takes a step back from the books and explores how your child is approaching their studies. Do they have a clear set of goals to motivate them? Are they finding the process fulfilling? Can they organize their time, and are they eating well? Do they feel comfortable in a learning environment, or is the classroom a place that makes them anxious?

Knowledge is important, but without the right framework in place, even the brightest child will fail. That’s why the first step to addressing problems at school isn’t more schooling; it’s helping students become happy, confident, and motivated to learn.

Over the past thirteen years, Tutor Doctor teams have worked with more than 200,000 students to build winning learning strategies. In this book, their leading experts explain how you, too, can guide your child to success.

Across the globe, Tutor Doctor is helping students of all ages succeed. With over 17,000 active tutors, they have a wealth of resources for providing the individualized help that every struggling learner needs. Tutor Doctor is recommended by 95% of their customers, and has been named one of America’s Top 10 Home-Based Franchises by CBS. Their teams believe in the unlimited potential of each individual, and that a combination of knowledge and discipline is the key to academic success.


Tutor Doctor

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