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addiction, alcoholism, drug abuse, drug court, drug treatment, memoir, substance abuse

People, Places and Things
Inspirational Voices from Canada's Drug Treatment Courts by Mr. Justice Kofi Barnes

“In my eyes, Drug Treatment Court gives people like me a second chance to change their lives and to realize that we deserve a good life, no matter what we have done in the past. All I can really say is that if I didn’t have the privilege to be in drug treatment court, I would either still be incarcerated or would not be alive today.”

People, Places and Things is a collection of stories from men and women who have lived lives of drugs and crime. Each has made the courageous decision to overcome their addiction, and the even more courageous decision to share their journeys with you. As they strive for sobriety with the guidance of Canada’s drug treatment courts, they experience the extremes of addiction, the power of recovery, and the value of community.

The stories within are raw—the authors have bared their souls, which is a difficult and brave endeavour. Some of the stories in this book are tales of happy endings, while some represent very dark moments. Addiction, as any of life’s hardships, is a continuous journey; void of an end-state. These pages contain lessons about the power of resilience, the magic of hope, and the strength of believing in one’s ability to become the person one wants to be. The extremes you might experience as you embrace this collection of stories, poems, and artwork is representative of the extremes that those recovering from addiction endure, and of the extremes experienced by those that support, counsel, and represent them throughout their recovery.


The Canadian Association of Drug Treatment Court Professionals (CADTCP) is proud to sponsor this publication.

CADTCP is the national representative of Drug Treatments Courts in Canada. CADTCP assists Canada’s Drug Treatment Courts in their efforts to achieve the holistic rehabilitation of drug addicted participants; reduce the infliction of individual and societal harm; enhance public safety; save tax payers money and save lives. Membership in CADTCP is open to anyone interested in how “Justice and Treatment” can work together to achieve these objectives.


Mr. Justice Kofi Barnes

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