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Coming Of Age, High School Years, Friendship, Family Ties, Midwest, Americana, Boyhood

The Boys of '63
by Robert Battistuzzi

The silence of the peaceful night is broken. Change is on it's way for Bobby and his friends of Wattinger, North Dakota.

It is the summer of 1963 in a typical prairie town where the coming of age for teens presents the same challenges is in any place in North America.

The school year is almost over and Randy, Gerry, and Art are looking forward to getting their own cars. Passing their drivers' tests was something to look forward to. Bobby, on the other hand, has to save his money for college, and his strict father does not approve of his friends. And now they could be in big trouble. What would happen to Bobby if a police car showed up at his house? He still had two years of high school ahead of him.

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The Boys Of '63 is my second published novel. It is a prequel to THE BOYS FROM NORTH DAKOTA which takes place in 1965, which I thought about writing since I was around 19 years old. It was inspired by some of the road trips that Randy Bering, Art Kvern, Gerry Parent and I went on during our teen years in Winnipeg. The main characters in both stories are based on us.

I started writing THE BOYS OF '63 when I was in the final stages of publishing the first book, which gives a broader introduction to the characters and lifestyle in the fictitious farm town, Wattinger, North Dakota where they lived.

As I get older I find myself looking back at my life and remember the people who were influences in my personal growth, which I believe is something a lot of people do, and take pleasure in relating these stories to our children. That is why I think this story is suitable for readers of all ages.


Robert Battistuzzi
Ian Finlayson

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