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Personal Memoirs World War Two, Ukrainian Memoirs , Canadian Ukrainian History, Ukrainian Emigration to Canada, Ukraine to Canada, Passage to Canada – A Woman’s Journey

Orphan of War
From Ukraine To Canada By Way Of World War II by Lesia Popadenko Hawrelak

A young twelve year old girl stands grieving over her mother’s open grave. After arriving together in Canada one year earlier, this child now finds herself completely alone and unable to speak the English language. This little girl was born in Ukraine, survived the horrors of World War II in Europe and now faces a life as an orphan in a new country.

I am this little girl. I reveal my life of hardships and triumphs set against the backdrop of similar Ukrainian immigrants who suffered under Stalin’s and Hitler’s brutality. From my desolation of hiding in a bunker to my rich and nurturing role as a mother, this story reflects my search for understanding, acceptance, and love.

This book is compelling, often moving.

It is a story that deserves to be told.

—Marco Levytsky, Editor, Ukrainian News

Lesia Popadenko Hawrelak photo

Lesia Hawrelak continues to live in Canada. She enjoys spending time with her family and keeping active. She is proud of her Ukrainian heritage and is grateful to be able to share her story.


Lesia Popadenko Hawrelak

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