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Baseball, Banking, Heist, Security, Revenge, Friendship, Betrayal

by Jeffrey Michaels

Mitch Thompson and John “Lightning” Williams are small town Wisconsin boys with dreams of making it to the Major Leagues. Two friends with the drive, passion and skills required to afford them a legitimate shot, they are fierce competitors cut from the same all-American cloth.

Then there is DeeDee Schumacher. She becomes involved with Mitch in high school and over time her relationship with him becomes intrinsically connected to her dreams of enjoying life in the big leagues. When life throws Mitch a changeup, everything he has worked so hard to achieve slips from his grasp.

For Mitch, John, and DeeDee the stakes, at that point, change in ways none of them could have predicted. Changeup is an off-speed tale of love, desire, sacrifice and betrayal that will leave you riveted till the final play at the plate.

Jeffrey Michaels has been writing for over twenty-five years. His first novel, Changeup is a complex mixture of personal experience, second-hand anecdotes, and straight-up fiction fifteen years in the telling. An avid reader and a life-long college and professional baseball fan, Jeffrey is currently working on his next book, a project he has promised himself won’t take another fifteen years.


Jeffrey Michaels

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