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strong female lead, fantasy, reincarnation, mystery, angels, Heaven, adventure

Bessie: Lost & Found
by Jody Overend

Fifteen-year-old Bessie MacIntyre and her best pal, Ash, find themselves in Heaven, with no memory of how or when or why they ended up there. And when Jason—Bessie’s trusted companion since childhood, and later her boyfriend—appears out of the blue, she feels slivers of fear run up and down her spine.

Is there a dark side to Jason she wasn’t aware of? Is he the reason they’re here? Desperate for answers, Bessie is willing to break the most sacred laws in all of Heaven on her quest.

She has to know. Was it Jason? Or was something . . . or someone far more sinister involved? With the gentle guidance of Angel Mel, Bessie gradually unravels the truth.

“Don’t ask me how I came up with this crazy New Age mystery. I dreamed it, I channelled it, or I imagined it. Then again, as Angel Mel would say, what’s the big difference?” Jody Overend, author

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Jody is a former advertising copywriter from Toronto, Canada. She distills her fascination with life beyond death, reincarnation, and all the possibilities beyond this physical world into her Young Adult fiction featuring Bessie MacIntyre and her friends. Bessie: Lost & Found is the first in the series, followed by Bessie: Life & Death. She is currently working on Bessie: Heaven & Earth.

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Jody Overend

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