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Pittsburgh, Elbert T. David, Saleem, Blood, Tyke, Loyalty, Drug trafficking

Blood-N-Blood Out
Loyalty Means Everything
by Elbert T. David Jr.

Saleem, Trey, Bruce and Shymire are four teenagers that are fed up with living a penniless lifestyle. Together they decide their only way to escape poverty and get lots of money is to enter the lucrative drug trade in the city of Pittsburgh.

In their quest to take over the entire city, the four knew they will have to set examples out of people to let the streets know they’re not to be played with even if it meant starting a war with the most ruthless drug lord in the city.

Will this be a mistake that could cost them their lives and also the lives of their family members as well?

Elbert T. David Jr. was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He became interested in writing while attending grade school when he would write his mother and grandparents short stories and poems. Blood-N-Blood Out (Loyalty Means Everything) is his breakout novel and he is currently anticipating the completion of other urban fiction, crime fiction and sex novels.

You may contact the author for questions and comments at:

* T. David Jr.


* P.O. Box 100206

Pittsburgh, PA 15233

* Website/


Elbert T. David Jr.
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