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  • The Hitchhiker's Patchwork of Photons

    A Human Story by

    The novel is fiction, a tapestry of family saga with chaos and order. Is it possible to survive a misstep? The characters don't walk away from their purpose or people they care. They live with passion. They create. They stop to listen their ...

  • Reunions


    Elle thought her life was perfect. She had a strong marriage, two amazing sons, a summer house, and a successful and creative career. Then, out of the blue, her husband of thirty years leaves her for another woman. Struggling to pick up the pieces ...

  • Cross Purposes

    A Martin Quint Novel by

    A Marriage at Cross Purposes Professor Martin Quint has moved from a major university to a small college. He has an important book to write. But he is pressured by the college to help develop a new school of engineering and entrepreneurship and ...